Melissa's Spirit Flies Home

The amazing spirit of Melissa Hubert left her body on Thursday, January 15, 2009. Melissa was born on February 1, 1989 with multiple birth defects and a life expectancy of a few short months. But Melissa was sent to us as a teacher......and teach she did.....for nearly twenty years. She taught us that if doctors knew everything, they wouldn't call it “practicing” medicine. She taught us that everything we need to know about life, we can learn from Barney and his friends. She taught us how to live in the now, always open to the joy the next moment might bring. She taught us that we all have an infinite capacity to give and forgive. She taught us that sweet smiles are the only real currency needed for anything worth having. She taught us that mac n' cheese and pudding are the only food groups. She taught us that communication doesn't require words and that listening happens with the heart. She taught us that there are no limitations for those too stubborn to acknowledge them. She taught us that sleep is overrated when there's so much life to live. But most of all, she taught us that what the Caterpillar would call the end, Melissa would call the Butterfly. Melissa is survived by every heart she ever touched and every hand she ever held. To learn more about the gift that Melissa was to the world, visit her Memorial Website at

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