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Creating jewelry is my meditation…my spiritual awakening…my silent prayer.  When I am in my studio, I am fully present in each moment.  My senses are more awakened.  The coolness of the metal in my hand…the sound of the hammer against the wire…the colors in the flame of the torch...everything I see, touch and hear when I’m creating in the studio feeds my soul.

I want my jewelry to connect people to what feeds their soul.  I want it to speak to their heart and call out to their spirit.   I create jewelry that will bring harmony and peace to the one who wears it.   

I crave learning new techniques with each one being added to my toolbox of skills that enables me to create diverse collections.  I create collections using metal, enameling, cloisonne, clay, found objects, gemstones, resin and wire.  Designs and pieces are never planned in detail.  I sit quietly in the studio with various gems and metal in front of me and they tell me what they want to be.  The jewelry brings itself into existence through my hands. 









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