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Awesome, LindaMarie (& Mark)! This is truly a cool, user-friendly website with lots of LM's fabulous work! **SO PROUD of you both!**
Good to speak with you yesterday. Am interested in classes! Please email info on drill bits for glass and stone.
So glad to meet you today and look at your beautiful jewelry collection. You are very creative and that's why I think that you would be an expert guide to my attempting to learn the art of beading and jewelry making/creating. Please let me hear from you regarding your classes on Thursday evenings. I would like to know the costs, and what supplies that I would need to begin. You mentioned that the link bracelet was the 1st item for beginning. Approx how many classes does it take to complete and what is the approx cost? The metal-smithing really interests me but I want to learn the basics. I have ideas but really don't know how to apply them. I love your work. Thanks Chris
I am so impressed and happy for your happiness!! We need to have a glass of wine and catch up!! You say when and I will be there!! Karen
Your work is amazing! I love all of it. Great website, too!
Linda-Marie, I purchased a fantastic pair of earings from you on Sat. I am a friend of David M. I meant to return to your booth for the only cross you had hung onyour board. Wondered if it was still available?Love you and so glad to have met you. A new customer for life. Love & gratitude, Maureen
Not only do I love Linda-Marie's designs and jewelry,but I so appreciate her kindness in replacing an earring that I lost. She is both talented and generous.
Linda-Marie, Just wanted to congratulate you on your 2nd place win in Atlanta! Wow! Your jewelry is so beautiful. Unique!
Namaste, I bought some of your Jewelry in Atlanta last month on Peachtree Street. It was enlightening to chat with you and your husband. Keep up your wonderful creations from the heart. Very nice website too!
Hello! I met you in Hendersonville and really enjoyed seeing your website and jewelry! I will look forward to seeing you again up in Tryon. Dori